Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What this blog is about...

I started the BDSM for Beginners posts on Mistress160's Abode.

The series became very popular and was well reviewed. The problem was that posts became hard for newcomers to find, as my own blog filled up. So I decided to create a blog just for BDSM education posts. The core of this new blog will be the BDSM For Beginners series. However I will also feature information of real time kinky educational events (especially in Australia), online study programs and other material that may be of interest.

BDSM For Beginners posts will cover all sorts of things, from both dominant and submissive perspectives. Some will be from a Femdom point of view but most won't. We will look at techniques you can try as a newbie kinksters, that you can literally go out and do with your partner NOW, lol. We will also explore more advanced topics, such as edgeplay techniques and psychological issues. Sometimes I'll refer you to posts over to Mistress160's Abode.

Write to me if you want something specific covered.

All BDSM For Beginners posts will feature detailed References and Online Resource lists at the bottom of each post. This is important - you need to read as much as you can, so access these resources! And always keep in mind some kinky knowledge can be acquired this way (via reading these posts) but in many cases - with BDSM techniques for example - you have to go real time to really get the experience you need.

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