Saturday, May 14, 2011

Safe Call / Silent Alarm

Photo swiped from The Heron Clan

T of The Heron Clan puts up a "Safety Post" once a year or so. Her latest post begins:
"Yes, it has been about a year since my last "Safety Post". And many of you have heard my tale, but there are newbies lurking out there that need to be careful, too.

"About 14-ish years ago I thought I was invincible. I could play with strangers and nobody would cause me harm unless I asked for it. Boy, was I wrong!

"I "met" the "Dom of my Dreams" online. We chatted alot and of course we were practically "soul-mates"...because I was being stupid and believed all the lies. Finally we planned to meet. He came to town and got a motel room and I got all gussied up and blindly went off to meet my future MONSTER.

"He met me at the door with a gun..."
Safety is extremely important in the scene. To be honest although it's covered in topics like my Going Real Time Series (Moving into the Lifestyle) series, I don't talk about safety enough, either here or over on Ms160's Abode.

So I 200% recommend you head over to The Heron Clan to read the rest of T's post. T not only discusses what happened that night, she explains what's required regarding creating your own personal Safe Call / Silent Alarm system, for when you are meeting a stranger for play. And as T reminds us, while this is important for any "newbies lurking out there" its also important as a refresher for more experienced players. As T concludes:
"play safe. Take care of each other"


T at The Heron Clan: "Safety First People!"


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Thank you:
T and the Heron Clan, for reminding me
I need to post more on this topic


Photo swiped from
The Heron Clan

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