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 Mistress160 runs quite a lot of different kinky real time events. If you are in Australia you might like to attend some :)


The pleasant spot in Sydney where we've held picnics

Ms160 runs monthly munches, educational and other social events as part of her Northern NSW group on Fetlife.  She also runs events as part of ClubFEM - NSW in Sydney and other areas of NSW.

If you'd like to attend the former, sign up on Fetlife (which is free), join the Northern NSW group, then read the "Want to Attend a Northern NSW group munch?" page.

If you are new to the scene you might also like to read the "First contact with other kinksters? Meet our welcomers / greeters" page.


Ms160 is Head Mistress of ClubFEM - NSW, a social group dedicated to Female Domination and male submission for New South Wales residents (ClubFEM friends from any region are also most welcome to join).

You can read more about ClubFEM worldwide here. To find out more about ClubFEM - NSW, sign up on Fetlife (which is free), join the ClubFEM - NSW group, then read the "How to join ClubFEM - NSW" page.

A ClubFEM - NSW sissy / French maid tea party 
hosted by MzAntonina in 2010.


Ms160 has been interested in sub hunts since the early 2000's. Here's sol in 2004:

Hunts are not always out in the wild. Ms160 also hunts in urban environments, such as Cockatoo Island:

Ms160 is very careful who she hunts with, and who she hunts. These events are always private, always very carefully organized and are not promoted on public sites like Fetlife.  You can read more about how Ms160 organizes these events on this Fetlife thread.

All genders are requested to fill in the Hunt Questionnaire, which provides Ms160 with very specific information about their hunting desires and fantasies, and their interests. She then creates each hunt individually to best utilize the desires and interests of the people involved.

Please send a formal message to Ms160 on Fetlife outlining your personal experiences and interests, and provide an email address where the questionnaire can be forwarded.


A ClubFEM - NSW sissy / French maid tea party 
hosted by MzAntonina in 2010.

Ms160 is well known for her Femdom tea parties and related events, which she often hosts as part of her hostess responsibilities as Head Mistress of ClubFEM - NSW. She holds these events throughout Australia and has even been invited to host them overseas.

Her events range from informal picnics to high protocol tea parties to BDSM dinners. Themes range widely, and may include CFNM, sissy or historical themes like the Victorian period.  You can read about them on this blog here (CFNM) and here (sissy).

Ms160 requests that all men (or women, if it's an open gender event) interested in serving fill in a questionnaire, which will provide her with details of their service experience and Femdom interests. If you would like to do this, please drop her a line via Fetlife, remembering to include an email address where she can forward the questionnaire.  Please note you don't need to have experience, but you DO need to have a strong service orientation. 

You might also like to join Ms160's Australian Femdom Tea Party group on Fet, where there are sticky threads about Ms160's server / hostess training workshops and boys who are interested in serving can put their names and details down for hostesses.

A ClubFEM - NSW sissy / French maid tea party 
hosted by MzAntonina in 2010.

If you are a new hostess who'd like to learn more or a female dominant who would like to attend one of these events as a guest, please drop Ms160 a line via Fetlife.