Monday, December 29, 2008

For kinksters in Oz - a national BDSM event

I created a group in Fetlife recently to explore and discuss the possibilities of a major BDSM event being held here in Australia. This was prompted by discussions around the country with friends and attendees at Midori's workshops, and by a recent thread on Fetlife. You can find the group here, and I'd like to thank my friend BlackPrince for coming on board as co-moderator.

There have been several convention type events held around Oz over the years but nothing has happened for a while. If you'd like to take part in discussions about this event, put your name down (we are making a rough headcount of how many people might attend) or simply keep an eye on what's happening, come and join us at Fetlife. It's free to join, and then click here to find the group.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Interview with Ms160 on "Exploring Intimacy"

Recently I did an interview with Ruth at Exploring Intimacy as part of her Twisted Tuesday Fetish Interview series. Check out the interview here.

Thank you to Ruth for the opportunity. I hope I didn't frighten too many of her readers!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ms160's Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest

A while back I posted about my cross dressing contests, for anyone new to BDSM who is interested in cross dressing and forced feminization. My latest contest - the Ultimate Kinky Showgirl Contest - has now drawn to a close, the contestants having taken their final bow ... or more likely in this case, curtsy...

Some amazing awards have been presented, including Biggest Tease, Sluttiest Showgirl, Most Elegant Diva and of course there was also a winner: poppet. Or in this case Kinky Bella, as all the contest entrants took stage names :)

You can read the results on Mistress160's Abode here.

The next contest will be themed around the Dance of the Seven Veils. Both photos and videos will be accepted by the judges. I'll announce when and where it's to be held soon. Meanwhile if you'd like to know more about my contests and are interested in registering as a contestant for 2009 click here.

Miss Bonnie and CollarNcuffs