Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looking for "Mistress160's Abode"? / Emergency Aftercare posts

Blogger recently deleted our primary blog "Mistress160's Abode" for being a spam blog.  We are now going through the process to disprove this, and we hope with all our hearts we will be back with you soon, rather than have all our other blogs - including this one - removed because of their subject matter.

As most readers know, I've not been online much this last year (as we live in an isolated area plus we've had laptop problems).   Thank you so much to everyone who's dropped us a line about both this, and the current blog deletion.  We are delighted to report at least our own internet problems are now fixed and so once the primary blog is back up, God willing, we'll be posting regularly both there and here on our "BDSM For Beginners" blog. 

As regular readers of "Mistress160's Abode" will recall, we've had a message up on our home page warning we might vanish one day.  In fact we had planned to move to another domain by now but this has all been delayed by our being off line for so long.  We are mid move now and hope Blogger will allow us that little extra time.  We love Blogger and we really don't want to move, but it's the nature of what we talk about. We understand we are not the kind of blog they want.

But we hope they will hear us when we say that in our world, however distasteful BDSM may seem to them, this blog's reputation over many many years has been for providing education, advice, reassurance and safety. There are an awful lot of you out there who read our blogs, and who we've helped get started on the road safely with their individual kinky journeys, in this strange post "50 Shades of Grey" world.  As one reader wrote to us today:
"so sad, because it was a great resource for every one - novices and experienced people too. [I'm] also personally sad, since I feel that I have lost a corner of my life"
So we hope "Mistress160's Abode" will return soon, and that "BDSM for Beginners" will remain here for those who need it.

Re our well known "emergency" posts,  we are sorry, most are on the primary blog so you can't access them at present. At least the posts below are here, although not as updated as on  ""Mistress160's Abode" so some links may be faulty:
  • For those of you now suffering drop and searching for our "Emergency Self Aftercare" post. :  (also come join the Subdrop Clinic group at Fet)
  •  For those looking for Aftercare for Switches:
  • For those looking for Aftercare for Submissives:
  •  For those looking for Aftercare for  Dominants:
  • For those needing helping with Online play partner disappearances:
  • Re safe calls  / silent alarms:


Poppet Subslut said...

Dear Mistress 160 i hope that you and Sol are both well. i just wanted to let you know that i think that there appears to be a spam blog trying to imitate your old one. It appeared overnight in my links and is found at

i am deleting it from my blog roll. Best wishes


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

Thanks, Happy Pet, sol is working on it now. Talk about irony. Blogger deleted Mistress160's Abode for being spam, and now it been really taken over!