Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some rather good toy specials you might like to know about...

Sax (who's leather workshop is quite close to where sol and I live, and who have an excellent website, shipping fetish items worldwide) just sent me their latest newsletter and they have some extremely good specials:
"S(A)X has acquired a range of stainless steel and borasilicate dildos and butt plug accessories at a very special half price. They are available in limited numbers, some there are only one of others two or three"
I don't usually promote merchandise but 50% off takes many of these really great toys to well under a hundred dollars, which makes them very special indeed. You might like to take a look. Just click on the banner below and then head to the Specials Half Price section.

Have fun!

Sax Leather sells adult discipline wear & erotic toys - click here for the best leather in the world...

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