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Newbie Dominants - Practicalities of Play series

Thank you so much to all the readers who have been in touch over the "Newbie Dominants - Practicalities of Play" series, since I put out the call a couple of months ago. I've taken all your comments and ideas on board and will start publishing the series soon. It's been great to see how many new dominants, especially female dominants, are reading Mistress160's Abode and the BDSM for Beginners blog, and I'm really pleased to have nearly finalized this series for you :).

This Newbie Dominant - Practicalities of Play series leads on in part from the Going Real Time series. It covers a tricky period of transition we all experience: you are doing all the right things - watching and learning at play parties, reading lots, and practicing your flogging / caning / bondage skills. You don't quite feel ready to use those skills in a scene yet, but you have a sub ready and waiting... What to do?!

In this series of posts I'll provide you with basic practical information that will give you the confidence to organize your first scene, be in an online scene, a real time scene in the privacy of your home ... or your first scene in public. Here's some of the things we'll discuss:
  • Assembling a basic BDSM toy box
  • Finding "pervertable" toys around your home, and fiendish uses for them
  • Looking the part ... or not (dominant dress styles)
  • How to organize a cyber play scene and play online
  • How to organize a real time scene in private
  • How to organize a real time scene at a play party
  • Simple types of play useful in your first few scenes: queening / figging / pegging / CBT / clamp play / T&D / puppy play etc
  • Learning more advanced play techniques
  • Looking out for "drop" / top guilt, and working out your / your partner's aftercare needs
  • Finding more online resources for dominants
I'll be running a two hour real time "Practical play tips for new dominants" workshop on this subject, as well as as a cyber course.

NOTE: Aug 2009: I've had to remove these posts due to an intellectual property dispute (someone was stealing their content) so drop me a line privately or leave a comment below if you'd like to read the posts and I'll send them to you)

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Newbie Dominants - Practicalities of Play series I would like to get copies of the removed posts if possible...