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Retreats for Dominant Women...

Down, male subs! This one is for the Ladies!

It's a terrific thing, watching kinky communities learn to socialize a bit more. "Usually we only meet at play parties every few months", one friend said at a Femdom tea party recently, "it's nice to just sit and talk". Absolutely. Look at the types of events sol and I have been attending this year: not just play parties and educational events but kinky weddings, tea parties, formal dinners, etc.

It's nice to have like minded friends to socialize with (although let's be honest here, sometimes their political views can scare you witless). It's one of the reasons we wanted to set up our D/s retreat and eventually our kinky community. There are so few places kinksters can go to be themselves.

We are constantly asked when the retreat will be formally open, to the point where we are now organizing events (from CFNM tea parties to sub hunts to educational workshops to retreat programs for couples) BEFORE the opening lol. The event I get asked about most is the inaugural Dommes' Retreat we have planned for late 2009, when a small group of professional and lifestyle dominant women - at all levels of experience - will gather here for a long weekend towards the end of the year:

The Northern Rivers region is a beautiful part of Oz, and trips to local markets, national parks and beaches, even a famous local leather fetish workshop, are under consideration. However mostly we will sit around at the Retreat, catch up with old friends and make new ones, and share our knowledge and skills within a comfortable, relaxed environment. There are not many places left but if it's something you'd like to attend, or even just join the mailing list for future retreats, drop me a line via Fetlife.

For those reading this in other parts of the globe, all hope is not lost. As I said before, there appears to be a swing towards the organization of these types of social events. If one is not happening near you, then why not make it happen yourself? As for those reading this in North America you are in luck! In fact I sincerely envy you! Because there is a similar event planned for June 2009 by some extraordinary women whom I would dearly love to spent retreat time with:

The Mistresses Retreat is being organized by the reknown Mistress Cyan, Dona, partner of Lady Robin and Lady Robin. The retreat will be held at the latter's property "The Farm" in Kentucky:
'Rural, yes, remote, NO! 'The Farm' is located in south central KY only six (6) miles from the Cumberland Parkway and about half way between I-75 on the E and I-65 on the W. Facilities include, acres of fields and woods most of which is isolated from 'neighbors', highway traffic, and development. The retreat takes place on the
second floor of a newer building where there is a furnished apartment (living room, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms though one is a dedicated medial room) complete with a separate dungeon which has it's own full bath. There is comfortable seating, several beds plus inflatable beds, and ample floor space. There
are two motels six miles away in one town and two more in the next nearest town which is eleven miles away. We ask (urge) Mistresses to plan to stay at
'The Farm' so as to facilitate interaction, growth, and fellowship.
It sounds very similar to the setup here at Nostromo, except in our case we are all in one large open plan area.

What's happening at The Mistresses Retreat? Well, similar to the event in Oz, YOU as an attendee will be a part of the creation of it's program:
"We want to make sure that every woman who attends this Retreat learns something and will leave after the weekend much more enriched than when she arrived. So, rather than set a pre-set agenda, we ask that every woman, upon registering, submit two questions or topics, you want covered during The Mistresses Retreat, and a short bio. The point of this retreat is to learn from each other. A more detailed agenda will be created from the questions and topics you submit, and will be published as we get close to the dates of The Mistresses Retreat."
This makes the event perfect for any American new female dominants reading this post - just imagine what your two questions might be. Lady Robin has also created a group for the Mistresses Retreat on Fetlife and there is also an events page. We'll do the same once the dates are confirmed.

I look forward to hearing how The Mistresses Retreat goes. It sounds like a lot of fun will be had at both events. Let's hope many similar ones are soon scheduled.

Thank you: Mistress Cyan

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