Monday, March 2, 2009

Adrenachrome workshop: Rough Body Play: Sat 14 March 2009

My friend Natalya runs kinky workshops in Melbourne through her organization Adrenachrome. Here's the latest: Rough Body Play:

"Did you start to breathe heavy during Fight Club? Was it the script or the thud of fists on flesh, punching, kicking and pure adrenaline? Then this workshop is for you. Without Brad Pitt (sadly), We will cover the safety aspects of Rough Body Work and how to do this without the Top being injured, or the bottom being truly harmed. From there, we move onto the "Thug Play" bare fisted punching, kicking the body and groin. Percussive impact with open hands, right through to crushing using body weight. This is the Level 1 workshop for beginners to this type of play.

"Previous attendees of Adrenachrome workshops will get first pick of the places. Attendance fee is $20 per person payable in advance, and the workshop is at the usual venue (in Melbourne, Australia). It is preferable you come with someone who can be your human punching bag, but if you can't I do have a couple of bottoms who are willing to sacrifice themselves for us to learn on. If you're interested, drop me a line on Don't forget to let me know whether you're BYO bottom or not!"

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