Sunday, March 22, 2009

"How do I find a Dominant and get them to keep me?" - An Uber:learn "panel, discussion + forum" in Sydney

A reminder about what's shaping up to be a really interesting educational event next weekend in Sydney.

Uber: learn is holding a "panel discussion & forum" titled "how do i find a dom(me) and get them to keep me?" on Sunday 29th March at Manacle, at the Clarence Hotel (450 Parramatta Rd, Peterhsam).

Ms Dee writes:
"a new format for workshop forums for us. a nominated panel, led by a relevant, topical facilitator. actively discussing the topic at hand. all ready to be quizzed and challenged by the audience in a forum configuration.

today's discussion - what can a submissive do to attract a dominant, and what do they have to do to ensure the relationship gets off the starting block, and stays in the race."
I'm on the panel. So are several friends who grace the pages of Mistress160's Abode, including the always brilliant MsGawjusRedhead and of course Uber's wonderful Ms Dee.

It's shaping up to be a really interesting event and I really encourage anyone searching for a play partner to come along and join in the discussion and ask those questions you've always wanted to ask on this very important topic.

Quite seriously boys and girls this could be the best $20 you've ever spent, if it results in your finding a Dominant!

You can reserve your place here. It starts at 2:30pm and runs for approx 2 hrs.

(logo: Uber:learn)

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