Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gathering

It's nearly time to gather...

The Gathering is on in Sydney the first weekend in October. It's going to be an amazing inaugural event, and it's especially good for people who are new to all things kinky - there is a "BDSM 101" thread running through the workshop program. Sol and I will be there, we'll be taking part in a couple of workshops and panels, so come find us and say hello :)

The event's press release reads:
"Sydney will host Australia’s first National BDSM and Fetish conference in October 2010 - called The Gathering. Aptly named, the conference recognizes that there are many different tribes within the extended kink world, each with their own specializations and interests.

“Acknowledging and celebrating those differences is one of the main themes of the event, as is learning and acquiring new skills,” says Miss Dee, the driving force behind UberLearn, organizers of the event. “More and more, the broader community is becoming aware of the BDSM/Fetish scene, through fashion, TV, and other media. There is a growing curiosity...people want to know what it is all about.”

“We have been changing the face of BDSM education over the last 4 years, running workshops around Australia, making it more accessible - providing people with a way to learn what it is all about, and how to experience our world safely.

“From organizing teaching tours for internationally renowned presenters, through to fostering local talent, we have been a part of an evolving and exciting dynamic scene.”
“People have been asking for a national event, one that is bigger than any one community, or one city. And we are making it a reality. It’s an exciting time to be into Kink.”

People from all around Australia will be in attendance at the four day event, bringing with them their unique life experiences, skills, fantastic outfits and toys, as well as sharing imaginative ideas for having fun.

Festivities open with a Fetish Night Market held at Sydney’s Mecure Central, on Friday 1st October.. That evening’s event will open to the public, and will showcase local and overseas offerings from retailers and artisans alike, displaying equipment, clothing, accessories and other products that will appeal to Fetishists and kinksters, as well as Goths, alternative dressers and adventurous adults - people exploring their sexuality.

The Gathering then rolls into 2 full days of workshops (over 30 to choose from) at the Mecure, featuring presenters from New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Auckland, Melbourne, Canberra and of course, Sydney.

From classes for experts through to people who are just curious about starting out, there is something for everyone. These classes will exhilarate, excite and entice. A party is also planned for the Sunday night.

Finally, The Gathering winds down on the Monday, with a special performance piece combining local and overseas talent, followed by a closing address from one of New York’s top fetish authors..

“The Gathering is an event that acknowledges people’s sexuality – their commonalities and differences”, Miss Dee mentions, “It has something for all genders and orientations. Being the home of the Mardi Gras, Sydney is, by its nature, a place that welcomes the fluidity and evolution of alternative lifestyles. And these are the principles on which The Gathering is founded.”

There is still time to register and attend. You can find out more here.

Come and join us :)


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