Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Melbourne's OzKinkFest

Time to head to Melbourne, for OzKinkFest, if you are an Australian kinkster!

There are an enormous number of events planned over the next ten days, including Hellfire Resurrection IV (at which are performing: Lukas Zpira and Satomi, and The Hanged Man Team, amongst many others), Klub Kunst, Provocation and Fetish Expo, which is at Fitzroy Town Hall:
"The EXPO is a great place to come and find out about alternative lifestyles, to meet and socialise with those with similar interests. We welcome all lifestyles including straight, bi, gay, lesbian, poly, TVs, TSs, Masters, Mistresses, slaves, ponies, maids, pets, ABs and even those that are just mildly kinky or just plain curious.

Our event is open to anyone with an open mind and tolerance of others peoples' lifestyles. Come along to find out about the latest fashions, clubs and events in and around Australia."

You can read about the free to attend KinkFest's workshops and skillshares here. The website states:

"The Melbourne Leather Alliance and OzKinkFest have gathered some of the most experienced and knowledgeable folks from our community who will generously share their experience with us - and two great International presenters who are offering workshops whilst they are here.

"KinkFest 09 sees an unusual and interesting array of skillshares being presented as part of our program. OzKinkFest is proud to be offering this set of skillshares FREE of charge to the community. This is due to the generosity of our presenters, and the venues who are supporting the festival - Blue Velvet Bar, Eagle Leather and Palookaville.

"All of these skillshares and workshops are being presented under the banner of Safe, Sane and Consensual - SSC. We encourage everyone to get educated in their specific areas of kink in order to enjoy them to their fullest - safely.

"The {also} Foundation are supporting our desire to encourage sexual safety and have made a significant commitment towards enhancing sexual health in the community. Their "Take Care Out There" initiative will be a visible and welcomed sponsor of all sexual skillshares. Safe Sex packs and resources will be available to all participants in the skillshares, and are generously provided by also."

Steel and totty from Adelaide are presenting a workshop on Electrical Play on Tuesday 20 Oct.
"Target audience is for people curious about electrical play and interested in learning and experimenting with various devices. Topics covered will include :
* Electrical Safety - how not to fry your partner!
* Types of Electrical Play - 240volt is NOT ok!
* Different devices available
* TENS units - techniques, insertables,do's and don't.
* Violet Wands - myths busted, techniques, attachments.
* Practical sessions.
With numbers limited to 20 participants, there will be plenty of equipment on hand for all to participate and experiment to their heart's content...if you have your own equipment and wish to bring it along and expand your knowledge base, please feel free!"
At the same time Cyppie is holding an Impact Play 101, which also sounds great fun:
"This skillshare is targeted at new Tops/Dominants/Switches who wish to learn more about "How To" administer impact play safely. Skills that will be covered include: Flogging, Caning & Spanking The "how" and "where" of these fun activities and how "Not" to break our toys :)

"This skillshare will be facilitated by our very own Cyppie who has much experience, and a lot of information to share. Some practical activities will be included, so please bring along any impact toys that you would like to learn how to use safely and effectively"
There is a Catheterisation and Urethral Sounds workshop on Thursday 22, don't know who's presenting but I'm definitely attending:
"This is a workshop designed to teach the safe way to perform female catheterisation and how to play safely with urethral sounds on men. We will discuss safety aspects of catheterisation, the different types of catheters that can be used and for what purposes. Why insert a catheter? Now it is in - what can I do with it? There will be a demonstration on female catheterisation. Supplies will be available for purchase"
I'm presenting a strap on sex workshop on Monday night 19 Oct,
"Whether for gender play, prosthetic purposes or expressing kinky desires, a strap-on adds serious fun to sexual and D/s relationships. In this two hour "hands on" workshop for strap-on beginners Mistress160 answers all your questions, including:
• What exactly is a strap-on?
• How do I select one?
• What types of harness / dildos are there?
• What about strap-ons for larger women?
• What about strap-ons for men?
• Novelty styles of strap-on
• Eco friendly styles of strap-on
• And most importantly, how do I actually use the damn thing?
All genders/orientations welcome. Comments from Mistress 160's previous Strap-On play skillshares were "awesome and comprehensive" and "often hysterically funny... I learned as I laughed"
and on Cyber Kink on Wednesday 21 Oct:
Finding your way around kinky cyber space can be a bit hit or miss. It's rare to find someone willing to show you around and actually teach you how to play. But today you are in luck! In this two hour workshop Mistress160 will help you explore the realms of cyber kink and equip you with the skills and confidence to become an active player in forums and chatrooms. We'll discuss:
* where to find online kinky / fetish communities
* practical tips for creating online profiles
* practical hints for finding a partner online (and avoiding online predators)
* coping with online play partner disappearances
* chatroom etiquette
* how to organize a short D/s cam play scene
* cyber aftercare
* places where you can go online for further information
Bummer about presenting Cyber Kink then because otherwise I'd be at another event at Eagle Leather- "a special evening for Women with/without their partners (female or male) co-ordinated and lead by Mistress Mallice and friends"!

I am also the speaker at a Femdom only afternoon tea event on Sunday 25 Oct:
"Adrenachrome and The Sisterhood are proud to present our guest speaker Mistress 160, who will present a talk on how to run a FemDomme high teas and D/s dinner parties, followed by our very own afternoon tea for the ladies. What a lovely way to end Kinkfest 09! Please note this is a Sisterhood event for dominant and switch women only."
There are also workshops - although not free - by Lukas Zpira and Satomi. Satomi will be conducting three levels of Shibari Workshops and Lukas Spira will be presenting his Scarification and Branding Workshop. You can sign up here. I've attended Lukas' workshop and it was extremely interesting and informative. Satomi of course needs no introduction, everyone into rope agrees she's an amazing teacher ... and her self suspension performances are a joy to watch.

Look forward to seeing you there :)

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