Monday, November 3, 2008

Uber:learn - latest workshops

Lots of very interesting workshops happening at Uber in Sydney. Here's what Uber:learn is all about:

"uber learn is about just that ...learning

"BDSM is, for us, exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Minimising the risks means doing some homework first, and using common sense - even while we are doing things most people don't classify as sensible!

"Learning in isolation, reading and researching online and in books and mags can be rewarding, even very stimulating, but there is nothing like learning from people who have been there before - and love what they do!. Being able to ask questions in a non-judgemental environment - learning at your own pace, meeting people who have similar interests, and in some cases, being very hands-on - can be provocative, informative, and not to mention HOT!

"We have a number of workshops running Nov-December 2008, with all sorts of international talent coming through our doors, not to mention the bevy of local talent in our own sydney community"

Uber will be hosting Fetish Diva Midori in December in both Sydney and Melbourne. I highly recommend you check out Uber's info page of the wonderful classes Midori will be holding. And I'll post about them here in another day or so.

Meanwhile on the local scene, here's some info from Ms Dee:
Rope Frenzy - this Sunday afternoon

we have had so many people interested in learning and exploring the world of rope, that we thought it was time to really play.

so if you have been to one of our workshops and would like to experiment & play a little more, with the added benefit of having some our our more experienced rope riggers - including the fantastic tonbi - around to help or quiz if you need it, then come along this sunday

cant think of a better way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon...
sunday 9th November, 4pm - 9pm cost $15
Email to book...

What's in your toy bag?

many of us like our toys - some of us are toyaholics!
lots of people in our community make their own, tweak something that they have bought, or even come up with uses for items that some of us had not dreamed about. here is your chance to flash us your bag, explain what you love about it, and then you have the option of staying and showing your toys in action.

open to the curious through to the experienced
sunday 16th November,
2:30 pm - 4:30pm cost $15
optional stay & play 5:00pm - 9:00pm $15
Email to book...

Pussy Club this thursday night!

we have chatted, as delightful ladies do, about how much fun it is to have toys, toys and more toys. so i discreetly whispered into heidi's (from Maxxx Black) ear and asked her to pack a little kitty of the latest and greatest things on the market - including mind blowing vibes and fantastic organic lubes - so we could have a giggle, ask some Qs, and explore without having to leave our chillout space. so bring some bubbles if you wish, kick back, look gorgeous and expand your...mind

thursday 6th November,
7pm - 9pm cost $10

Email to book...

Pussy Club - the big O

how many types of female orgasms are there? what makes them different?how do you explore them? the fabulous beverley facilitates this skill share discussion, giving us a few more facts than we had before, and definitely teaching us more about ourselves. lets face it - who doesn't want more of the big O?

thursday 13th November,
7pm - 9pm cost $10

Email to book...

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